filigrana oliveri

made in italy



The passion for the things that as a child I was always

fascinated me decide to pursue higher studies in

Valencia at the jewelry section of the Institute of Art where

the end of five years I have achieved the maturity of art

applied and a diploma in gemology.

Starting as a goldsmith and later as a fliligree I

initiated a workshop where I work since 1989.

Now at least eight years to devote myself almost exclusively

filigree design and implementation.

I do not know 'if all this history and' born by chance o 'perhaps due

the fact that by my grandfather (with his brothers) and before him

My grandfather had a laboratory filigree in Campo Ligure

the early years of last century, but surely this art

I feel particularly close and spontaneous..

Luigi Oliveri

Name:Luigi Oliveri


Qualification: He graduated in Applied Arts Section Goldsmith

Ist. Stat. d’Arte “B. Cellini”


Tel 010 920256

mail :

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